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Pluto: The Planet
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       Pluto used to be the 9th planet from the sun, but was sometimes the 8th, because of its different orbit. Pluto is not considered as a planet anymore becuase of its differences than the other outer planets, like its size, its composition, and it's orbit.  Pluto is a lot smaller, like the inner planets, it's composition is hard and rocky, unlike the outer planets, which are gaseous giants, and its orbit interferes with Neptune's orbit. Now Pluto is known as the second- largest known dwarf planet orbiting the sun.
       Pluto is 5,900,000,000 km from the sun. It was the 9th and farthest planet, until it was announced a dwarf planet. It has one moon, which is about the same size as pluto, and zero rings.  Pluto was discovered as a planet in 1930, and was announced as a dwarf planet in August 2006.

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