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Earth's Atmosphere

Meteors, Asteroids, & Comets
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      Earth's atmosphere surrounded with thin layers of gases. The main gases and their precentages are 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, .9% argon, and .03% carbon dixide.  The atmosphere is formed from planetary degrassing, which is the process when gases are released from the interior of the Earth coming from volcanoes.


       The Layers of Earth

  • Thermosphere: a thermal arrangement of the atmosphere
  • Exosphere: the outer layer of Earth's atmosphere
  • Ionosphere: has several ions and free electrons, begins at about 43-50 miles high and proceeds for hundreds of miles
  • Mesosphere: featured by temperatures that rapidly fall as height grows
  • Stratosphere: featured by a slight temperature increase with altitude and the absence of clouds.
  • Trapopause: the limit zone, or transition layer, between the Stratosphere and Traposphere
  • Traposphere: lowest region in Earth's atmosphere


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