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Meteors and Meteoroids

Meteors, Asteroids, & Comets
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                      The Shooting Star

           A meteor, which is sometimes referred to as a shooting star, comes from a Greek word meaning "a thing in the sky." Meteoroids are large boulde-sized particles of debris from our solar system. A meteoroid becomes a meteor when it gets through the earth's atmosphere. Meteors, or meteoroids, are able to be the brightest objects in the sky and are also the smallest objects in our solar system that can be seen by humans. They are absolutely beautiful as they soar through the midnight sky, leaving several people wandering what they are.  There are about 4 billion meteors that fall to Earth everyday, most of them are miniscule in size.

      When a meteoroid hits Earth's atmosphere, turning into a meteor, it usually burns out before it turns into a meteorite, which is what a meteor turns into when it hits Earth's surface or crust. An annual event ,which happens about every once a year is the Metear shower, which  is when a group of meteors are seen at a same, particular time.  A meteor shower is caused when a comet swings by the sun, forming meteoride stream and  then Earth's orbit passes through the stream of a comet's orbit, so that is when a meteor shower is produced.




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